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Our Telemedicine solutions use telecommunication and digital technologies to provide healthcare services remotely. It allows healthcare providers to consult with and treat patients who are not physically present in the same location as the healthcare provider. Our Telemedicine solution can be used in a variety of healthcare settings, including primary care, urgent care, specialty care, and mental health.

Some of the key benefits of telemedicine include:

  1. Increased access to care: Telemedicine can help reach patients who live in rural or remote areas, or those who have mobility or transportation challenges. It can also help provide specialty care to patients who may not have access to a specialist in their area.

  2. Improved quality of care: Telemedicine can help healthcare providers monitor patients more closely and intervene earlier when problems arise. This can lead to better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

  3. Convenience: Telemedicine can reduce the need for patients to travel long distances, take time off work, or find childcare in order to receive healthcare services.

Some of the common types of telemedicine services include:

  1. Virtual visits: These are video or audio consultations between patients and healthcare providers. Virtual visits can be used for routine check-ups, follow-up visits, and minor illnesses or injuries.

  2. Remote monitoring: This involves using devices to monitor patients' health status remotely, such as blood pressure or glucose levels. This can help healthcare providers adjust treatment plans as needed and prevent complications.

  3. Store-and-forward: This involves transmitting medical data, such as images or test results, from one healthcare provider to another for review or consultation.

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Abhicure Telemedicine solutions is an e-healthcare/telemedicine application that helps to facilitate online consultation between patients and doctors. It also utilises IoT enabled medical devices used to monitor patient vitals. The diagnostics are transferred to doctors in real-time, while the patients are on the call.

Abhicure provides:

1. Portable Point of Care Devices

  • Encapsulates portable device units inclusive of the Abhicure EPR system.

  • Provides a vital role in facilitating and providing quality and affordable health care even in the most remote villages.

2. Micro Hospitals

  • Providing for the strategically planned state of the art micro-hospital.

  • Enables the businesses, Governments, and various other institutions to make an initial investment resulting in greater benefit in the long run.

  • These micro-hospitals are purely virtual and requires minimum labour

  • Provides patients with the access to the internationally renowned doctor and specialists.

  • Provides a much-needed health surety for normalising living during the pandemic.

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